UPDATE 7-1-2022

I have decided to celebrate 40+ years in music by retiring from it. The reasons for this are myriad, but it is mostly due to my sense that the time has passed for me to do much good in the world with it as the future trajectory of our civilization (and our planet) seems fairly obvious, and that my music is VERY out of step with most of the musical trends of the past couple decades or so. I'm tired of swimming against the tide. Time to rest.

From this point onward I will probably not do much more than post the occasional cover tune on YOUTUBE It is highly unlikely that I will release that much more original music. I will likely continue to post my legacy work on SOUNDCLOUD as well.

All of that being said, I am planning on getting my current 10 albums in front of as many pairs of ears as possible over the next couple/few years. The people that have actually not been "gatekeepered" from being exposed to my work have generally liked it...and you might too.

Go to the ALBUMS page, the links to FREE DOWNLOADS OF ALL TEN ALBUMS on the cloud storage site Sync are there. The songs are MP3 files encoded at 320kbps and there are artwork and lyric/credit files too. Happy downloading!

Thank you...and good luck in the times to come.