As of Spring/Summer 2014, I have two new albums coming out in the next six months or so...and this site will be EXTENSIVELY developed...but for now most of the content previously hosted on here is now being hosted on my blog (which is where you can get the most up to date news about myself and my projects), on my YouTube Channel , or on the following links:

ALBUMS - My albums will be back up for "donationware" download once I get the new site done...for now you can read about them or listen to them on YouTube.

BIO - You can read the summary of my life as a performer/recording artist.  My other writings are going on my blog.

BOOK LIST - A list of some of my favorite non-fiction books (and some DVDs).

OLD NEWS - News updates prior to setting up my blog.


Ways to contact/connect with me:

John Ludi on Facebook - This is the MUSIC page on FB...not the personal one.  For the personal one, you can just do a search on there.  There are a couple John Ludi's on FB, but it should be reasonably easy to figure out which one is me.  I usually have a headshot which looks like an aging rock musician with a somewhat compromised hairline.  You can send me a friend-request.  If you don't come across as a weirdo, religious nutjob, or potential stalker, I'll probably accept.

My e-mail:

JohnLudi64 (at symbol goes here, followed by the Y_hoo thing).



John Ludi